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ECG Competency Exam

About ECG Competency

ECG Competency Interpretation

ECG Competency is a concept developed by Dr. Ken Grauer as part of his comprehensive educational program on ECG Interpretation. The goal of this essential component is to assess (and objectively document) the ECG interpretation skills of the primary care clinician. Components of the comprehensive ECG program are described in detail on my web site (at the above link). They include:

Although we hope you’ll consider integrated use of the other components of our ECG program – the ECG Competency Practice and REAL Exams on this web site may be used independently as a means for improving one’s ECG interpretation ability and assessing one’s competency in this skill.

We hope you enjoy ECG Competency. Please send me your questions and give me your feedback!

Ken Grauer, MD (info@ecgcompetency.com)

About the Developer

Ken Grauer, MD

Dr. Grauer is a nationally known primary care physician educator with unparalleled experience over the past 35 years in the areas of teaching and publishing on ECG Interpretation/Arrhythmias/ACLS for primary care clinicians, students, and residents. Among his accomplishments are:

Dr. Grauer retired from his 30-year academic position as core faculty in the Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Florida, College of Medicine in July, 2010. Now Professor Emeritus – he views completion of numerous books, ePubs, ECG videos and Blog posts since retirement, and development of this ECG Competency Assessment site as crowning achievements in his career as an educator. There is lots more still to come!

NOTE: My exceptionally capable software developer is Andrew Weitzen and his company Bronze Inc. If you need an exam system, software development or other Internet consulting services, you can reach Andrew through his publication InternetHandholding.com.